My Peagant Diary.


My Peagant Diary.

Hello lovlies,

I know I have been a terrible blogger, kept away from blogging for about 14 days, I deeply apologise for my absence. I was engaged in an ambassadorial pageant and preparing for the finale kept me buzy and unable to blog for you all. The good news is that am back, and better. I won the pageant 😊 amongst 7 queens, emerging as MISS AMBASSADOR FOR PEACE SOUTH-EAST 2015/2016.

Here is a mini diary of the pageant finale and all my looks.

(1) CAMP

We had to stay in camp for a few days for proper examination. I represented my state, enugu.



On the last day, 30 state representatives contested. Our first look was a black dress for introduction, second look was the traditional attire and finally was the evening dress.






I was in awesome shock when I got to the final top 7 because the peagant crowns 7 queens for zonal coverages. I found it hard to believe,  but then it had happened, I made it. So I was announced and declared the MISS AMBASSADOR FOR PEACE SOUTH-EAST 2015/16 and my predecessor crowned me, and so did it happen to other zonal queens. I thanked God for his grace and from that day my queenship journey started.


Balancing my ambassadorial office and my blogging office might be challenging but am equal to the task, I will succeed by the grace of God. (Blogger queen)

Thanks for stopping by,

Queen Adaeze…..

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