How to Find the best concealer For your Skin Tone


How to Find the best concealer For your Skin Tone

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Finding the perfect concealer for your skin tone is not easy but can be easy. However, in order to save your money and time, you have to know that, a concealer is 100% a “test before purchase” type of product. I’ll advice you try any concealer before you buy it.


It is important you try out the different shades close to your skin tone till you get the perfect shade. Test the colours on the area of your neck below your ear. The color should beslightly lighter than your foundation, but it shouldn’t betoo light! If you are covering up blue veins or under-eye circles, test the consistency of a concealer by dabbing it on the blue veins on your wrist. If it covers it up, youve found the perfect one!

Most women use concealer to lighten the areas under the eyes. Others use concealer to cover up pimples, acne scars, tattoos and even spider veins. Not all kinds of concealers serve the same purpose. Their are different types of concealers for fixing different problems.

(1) Under-eye concealer – Is best for camouflaging the circles under the eyes. This concealer wont work on redness or blemishes.


(2) Corrective concealers – Are used to cover up extremely dark unde-eye circles. Peach tones and pink tones work best to counteract the dark colors. Yellow-toned concealer that matches your skin tone exactly is best for covering up blemishes, tattoos, etc.


(3) Heavy duty concealer – works to cover up tattoos and bad scars. If you need to cover up tatoos, bad scars and similar problems, you have to look for a concealer especially formulated for such coverage.

This should help you find the perfect concealer for you, if you have further questions, dont hesitate to drop them in the comment box.


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