My Fashion Week Style – AFWN 2016 Day 2


My Fashion Week Style – AFWN 2016 Day 2

Hello fashion lovers,

Been getting so many questions and emails about the idea behind my outfits for the recently concluded Africa fashion week nigeria  and I decided to add the answer to my posts about my outfits…

So Day 2 came after Day 1 and my crew and I where there ready to hit the show… There where 3 shows in day two, and I wore two outfits. One for the 1st and 2nd show and the other for the 3rd show at night.

My crew and I

My crew and I

For the 1st and 2nd show, I wore a yellow shift dress with african woman embossed print and paired it with my vero Moda black classic brogue and purple satchel.


To those asking the idea behind this, the shift dress signifies comfort, wanted something comfortable because of little work and directions I engaged in. Its Africa fashion week, an African woman head print design on my shift dress couldnt be better explained. The brogue added more comfort yet stylish vibe to it. The satchel and brogues was my opt to make the ensemble a street style since its a fashion week.


Funny enough,  I just realised I was wearing my brands colours… purple, yellow and black! Awesome 😊

For the 3rd show I ended up finding myself in a two piece oversized tunic and wide legged pant made from african print material.


I wanted to represent my african heritage, so I used african print to make an oversized yet stylish ensemble. I like the idea of the oversize because it literally made the look very effortless.  I paired with blue shoes and purse to match the print design on the tunic 😉


Yea my hair changed too… A big hair wouldn’t have been right on this outfit except natural big or afro. So I went for an all laid back hair.


Did I forget to mention that my super woman made this outfit? My bad! My amazing mom stiched this slaying two piece that got a number of compliments at the event.



Yellow shift dress – Femi Toys

Brogue – vero moda

Purple satchel – AE fashion Empire

Wrist watch – bretling

Oversized 2 piece – Geraldine (email for order)

Blue shoes – guiseppe zannotie (Random boutique)

Blue purse – Mom’s own

Hair (wig) – Clarinda blonde


Style is an attitude…

For more questions and thoughts,  don’t hesitate to throw them in the comment box 👇

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