My Fashion Week Style – AFWN 2016 Day 3 (Gala night)


My Fashion Week Style – AFWN 2016 Day 3 (Gala night)

Hello dearies…

The Africa fashion week thingy seems to be the only topic am talking about these days… well I don’t want you guys to miss a thing from it. Still working on my compilation,  before the weekend,  you will have a glimpse of what the event was like, all the street styles, red carpet looks and runways designs.

The gala night was used to wrap up the fashion week on the 3rd day, it was all glits and glamour and more fashion. I happened to appear in a red two piece outfit of a crop top and ball skirt….


Red is one of my favourite colours so I decided to go with it for the gala night… I paired with a green clutch to match my green ombre hair 😜

My make up was very subtle,  I felt I already had too much attention from the outfit and I wanted to leave it there. I had Gold accessories to match and not steal away the glitz like silver would do. Guess whom I got my first compliment from at the event?  My cutie girl Amira Ibrahim, the red carpet co-host. And when I told her my mom made it, she was in awe of how gorgeous it was. Even after the interview, she couldn’t get enough of it.



Red two piece outfit – my super woman (email to order)

Green transparent Clutch – juliet my friend 🙈

Nude sandal – Suite Blanco (random boutique,  enugu)

Hair (wig) – Clarinda Blonde (out of stock)

Wristwatch – Bretling

Bangle – Accessories 2 die 4

Ring – random store


Style is an attitude,

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