Sport That Chic In Grey…


Sport That Chic In Grey…

Hello lovlies,

You’ll agree with me that the month of august is not our mate lol, its just running so fast. I kinda lost track of dates and when my mum had me confirm a date today, I realised we had past mid-month. Hmm August you need to take it slow…. we aint ready for Christmas yet!

I love grey, I mean colour grey, grey colour,  GREY!!! (Lol). And even though I don’t posses much grey staples,  I’ll still not leave it out of my favourite fashion colours list. Its matured,  its cool, its clean, it blends well with other colours and maybe classy somtimes.


I would call this look – sporty chic! Its quite a combination of a sporty and a chic look. I have had this grey top from early this year, bought it at the lagos island market from a random store. On my mom’s last trip to south-africa, she got me this grey track-pants from Oasis and the high-tops sneakers is a gift from my Nigerian-german friend Roland. Thanks dear I love it, even though am always stuck in an argument about the actual colour of the sneakers (pink or peach?)


And even though photography didn’t help to justify the argument, I still think its peach… or we should just say pinkish peach?

unspecified-23unspecified-24 IMG-20160803-WA0038

My hair is from Beauty Gallery nigeria, its Krochet kulture body wave and I used 4 packs… very much yea? Yes I like my hair very full.


This look is about the most comfty ensemble you can find yourself in, you can pair with other colours of sneakers too.

Sport That Chic in grey VIDEO

Do you think this look is cool enough? Let me know your thoughts on the comment section…

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  • Hillary

    Me likey…. the colour, the concept, the style.

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