Bare to Beauty – Styletitude x Vugo x Gottay


Bare to Beauty – Styletitude x Vugo x Gottay

Hello lovlies,

“The beauty that pleases the eye is a frail, nothing more than a fleeting illusion… but that beauty capable of pleasing the heart can endure endlessly.”  Those where the words of Adah clearance of  GOTTAY PHOTOGRAPHY when he stepped in the shoot location. He further said his reasons for those words were simply because most queens would lighten up their skin to be attractive but that my black skin is a treasure to behold. Blushing and feeling encouraged, I couldn’t help but throw gratitude at his feet.

This was few weeks back when I was having my handover shoot. Ugochukwu victor of VUGO MAKEUP ARTISTRY and GOTTAY collaborated with me on this one. The essence of the photoshoot was to signify a successful reign through pictures that depicts beauty with purpose.


Bare to beauty simply means seeing beauty from a minimal source that is just sufficient. It explains the relationship between me and the needy I put smiles on thier faces.


As an african queen, I had to attach the beauty of our fashion & culture to my representation. Using a full african material (ankara) to play style a dress on my body. And yes its not a sewn dress, it was constructed and styled by me and assisted by my fondly called boo boo gaga, Queen promise.


You’ll agree with me that my team was a baddass… from makeup to hair to styling to photography all on check✔


Makeup – Vugo makeup artistry

Hair – Vugo

Styling – Yours truly for Styletitude

Photography – Gottay photography

Assistance – Queen Promis Edet


Thanks for stopping by,


QUEEN Adaeze…

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  • Sophia

    Who says black skin isn’t beautiful ? Sweetheart am proud of your colour and you are beautiful.

  • Chiwendu umahi

    Beautiful pictures dear, you are an epitome of beauty. If only nigerian girls can not lighten up their skin to be white and appreciate their colour.

  • Naomi

    Black don’t crack!!!

  • Danny

    Am go straight to the point… I have seen queens, make beauty pageant, make queens.. You the most natural queen.. your face should go behold blogs, dp and some face graphics art. It deserve a billboard cover for lux cream or the front cover for genevieve mag… *my secret crush*

    • Awwwwn thanks danny, am grateful!

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