Ankara Headwrap


Ankara Headwrap

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Headwrap is the name given to any element of clothing which is worn on one’s head. They come in different forms, shapes and sizes and the shape and size often determine the style of the headgear that is brought up.

Headwraps are worn for a number of reasons; it could be for protection, to keep hair in place, as a way of showing modesty, religious or fashion reasons. The fashion side of this trend cannot be overlooked because no matter what the primary reason for tying headgear might be, you would still want it to look nice on you.

Traditionally, Africans love headwraps, it is part of our cultural identity and a person is not considered totally dressed up without it. They are fashionable and they can refine your total look, they can be made from different fabrics such as net, chiffon, silk and also Ankara fabric.


Ankara headwraps are colourful and so when paired with a plain outfit, it makes it pop out. They can be paired with other prints too to give a very stylish approach. Ankara headwrap upgrades plain outfits as it makes it more colourful and glamorous, also matching Ankara outfits can be used as headwrap. Ankara headwraps these days is trending and it looks good on anyone. With the right outfit, Ankara headwrap makes one look spectacular. Below are few of my favourite picks of amazing headwraps with plain outfits, on a later post will be showing you my picks on mix prints…


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