2 years Now, Many More to Come!


2 years Now, Many More to Come!

Hello lovlies,

You need no sooth sayer to tell you how excited I am today…. I am super excited! Just like yesterday I started off my fashion and style blogging journey and here I am celebrating two years of blogging. It’s been God, and am so grateful to Him for bringing me thus far.


How have you guys been? The easter celebration is the moment and we can only Thank God for shedding his blood for our sins and redeeming us for great. My easter this year is kinda special because am celebrating two things and my thanksgiving knows no bounds…


in commemoration with my 2 years anniversary, I decided on an outfit to express my happiness and situation. Twinning with my best friend, is to show my gratitude towards you guys for your support and love because I wouldn’t have continued without your encouragements. Yellow is one of my favorite Colours and it’s brightness expresses my happy and joyful state of self. We got this gorgeous yet simple yellow and python skin mix dress few weeks back from Ronak Dresscode. We paired with white sandals to match and express my thankful heart.


Styling this outfit was effortless for me, am a sucker for simple and effortless yet sophisticated look. To me, less is More. I opted for a grey purse and my bestie went with black to match. Our makeup was done by ourselves and BBF chose to go with dark wine lips while I went nude. My hair is from Total shop wigs And bestie’s from Clarinda Blonde. 


Thank you so much guys for your love, am deeply grateful for your immense support in the past year. Let’s continue to do this. Cheers to many more years of fashion and style blogging! Cheers to Styletitude!!

IMG_3162 IMG_3164 IMG_3168IMG_3166 IMG_3171


Dress – Miarte ( Ronak Dresscode)

Sandals – Mine – Guiseppe zannoti, Bestie’s – YSL

Purse – Mine – @Redcloset35 , Bestie’s – Forever 21

Timekeeper – Micheal kors

Hair – Mine – @totalshopwigs , Bestie’s – @clarindablonde


thanks for for stopping by guys!

style is an attitude


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