Monochrome Vibes

Monochrome Vibes

Hello lovers,

Trust me when I say this sun is not friendly, like how can it be so scorching without human sympathy? Like seriously we need to put this sun in our prayers, Oh Lord may the sun not smite us by day! So am on a mini relocation to Abuja and I will be there for about half a year for my Industrial training which those of you outside Nigeria refer to as internship. I get to Abuja to officially start up and just then I realize that Abuja’s sun is the senior brother to others, like you can’t even look to eye level without your shades on. Anyways enough of my rants.

IMG_5107 ADAEZE 2017- ADAeze dn-

Where are my monochrome lovers at? Amrezy  Micah  Alexandria  Janel monae  let me see “monochrome lover” in the comments section if you are one too. Am not a die hard fan of monochromatic fashion but I like to rock them sometimes. First of all Monochrome is a picture developed or executed in black and white or in varying tones of only one color. So as related to fashion, it simply is the combination of pieces in white and black or varying tones of one Colour to achieve an outfit or ensemble.

IMG_5142 ADAEZE 2017- ADAeze dn-

In today’s post, it’s all about my black and white vibes. Everything white and black! I got this River island studded white two-piece in January this year for my best friend’s birthday. The swede vintage blazer was a gift from mom three years back lol, the funny thing is that this is the first time am wearing it in a long while and it’s still looks good and clean. Pairing with these white and black caged boots was my own way of adding some edge to the outfit.

IMG_5219 ADAEZE 2017- ADAeze dn- IMG_5154 ADAEZE 2017- ADAeze dn- IMG_5123 ADAEZE 2017- ADAeze dn-

I loved how everything finally came out, especially how the two-piece accentuates my shape. White is a perfect neutral for any skin tone. If you are slim and curvy like me, a white set of two-piece shouldn’t be found missing in your closet.  you can look like this to any party, meet and greet or casual event. Throwing on the blazer makes you stylish yet protecting your skin from the horrible sun. If there is any other way you can slay this look, throw in your ideas in the comment box too 😁

IMG_4430 IMG_5263 ADAEZE 2017- ADAeze dn- IMG_5108 ADAEZE 2017- ADAeze dn-IMG_5273 ADAEZE 2017- ADAeze dn- IMG_5258 ADAEZE 2017- ADAeze dn- IMG_5158 ADAEZE 2017- ADAeze dn-


white two-piece – River island

Blazer – gifted by Mum 💖

Caged boots – thrifted

hair – @totalshopwigs

purse – @forever21


thanks for stopping by,

kisses! 😘

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  • Rita

    Perfectly styled 👌

  • Adaora

    Slay queen! You never get any style wrong….

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