From kitchen to skin – my skincare routine


From kitchen to skin – my skincare routine

Hello lovlies,

Who doesn’t love skincare you can eat? I do! 😄 I love the fact that I can stick my tongue out and lick my face.  It’s amazing how we tend to ignore or not have knowledge of how great natural ingredients are on the skin over chemicals found in most beauty products…

I had no idea too of what am about to share with you until few weeks back. I started to break out early this year after the Christmas holidays and I had no idea whatsoever of the cause and how to clear them. As time went on it began to leave spots because I wouldn’t stop touching my face and picking on them, I tried some products I had used in the past and changed my soap, went to the spa, all to no avail. My skin is sensitive so Sometimes it may go But then it comes back again 😭 Even more this time. It was really devastating because it was hard for me to go out without makeup. Forget the pretty pictures u guys see of me, my facial flaws were hidden under makeup.

This bad...yh

This bad…yh

So I was doing some research on sensitive skin and I put together all the information to my use…. Nature is blessed! It’s rich and without science and technology we would still be beautiful.  It’s amazing how super pocket friendly my Skincare is. You won’t believe it! So allow me introduce you to my new buddies;(1) Honey (2) lemon (3) cinnamon (4) coconut oil (5) baking soda (6) sugar (7) shea butter


I know some of you guys are familiar with most of them, so u can attest to how awesome they are but I must tell u, my routine is amazing and magical. I couldn’t believe it until it started working and now my face is almost clear.

Why honey? Why lemon? Baking soda??? Really?

so here is it guys;

HONEY – because of its broad spectrum antibacterial agent. Honey has proven to be a great healing and glowing ingredient over the years even from ancient times.

LEMON – because it has the ability to exfoliate and brighten dark spots and scars.

CINNAMON – its antibacterial and anti acne properties are perfect for sensitive and acne prone skin.

COCONUT OIL – fast absorbing and lightweight oil sinks into the skin to balance moisture and protect the skin from impurities.

BAKING SODA-  highly exfoliating, getting rid of blackheads.

SUGAR – its exfoliating and glowing properties will help skin to get rid of impurities.

SHEA BUTTER – because it’s super moisturizing and great for any skin issues while leaving the skin soft, supple and clear. 

With all these properties, we can only imagine a clean and clear skin. So my routine is a step to step kinda care. From washing to mask or scrub to toning or moisturizing. This is where the cookie is shared.

Step 1 – Wash

i wash my skin with clearasil ultra wash in the morning and night. I don’t use soap on my face anymore because I learnt it strips skin of its natural oil making the skin produce more oil leaving the skin more acne prone especially when it meets sorts on the debris. If I have makeup up on in the day I wipe it off with wet wipes before washing.


step 2 – Mask or Scrub

i mask my face only at night. With my DIY honey mask or honey alone. My DIY mask is a mixture of honey, cinnamon and lemon. 1 tablespoon of honey, 1/2 tablespoon of cinnamon, 1 squeeze of lemon. I Wet my face then apply the mask and let it sit for about 15 to 30mins. If your skin is sensitive, I advice 15mins. I usually store the leftover in the fridge till it finishes and I make a new one. After my timeout, I wash with warm water (preferably) or wipe with wet washcloth or I just take my bath most times. I use this mask 4 times a week and only honey the other 3 days, this is  because am dark skinned and lemon is highly brightening and I don’t want my face looking way lighter than my body.


step  3 – moisturize

after masking and washing it off, I dry my face and moisturize with shea butter and coconut oil in the morning and only coconut oil at night.


every weekend I scrub my face and body with my DIY scrub which is a mixture of honey , baking soda and sugar. I wet my face and body  and apply my scrub then scrub in a circular motion and leave on for 30 mins then have a warm water bath and tone by rubbing a slice of lemon all over my face and body, leave on for another 10mins while singing and dancing in the bathroom , then rinse off and moisturize with coconut oil and shea butter. You can use your cream to moisturize if it is a moisturizer, I just choose to go with natural products because it’s 100% safe.


VIOLA! In few days my pimples disappeared, in two weeks my skin was smoother and toned and in few more weeks my acne marks and spots were faded out (not extremely) but with this improvement I know they will all be gone in no time. I heard apple cider vinegar is a good toner, and am willing to replace my weekend lemon toner with it after my spots are finally gone 😁 . Am loving my skin now, I no go lie. The improvements are amazing, I can now go out without makeup. All thanks to my delicious skincare.


PS- what works for me, might not work for you, I will only recommend this for dark skinned girls with sensitive and acne prone skin. If you are light skinned, you might want to subtract shea butter, and if you have dry skin u might need to replace lemon with avocado pear in your mask too.

If you have any questions or need not detailing on this routine, do not hesitate to drop them in the comment box or send me a DM on instagram. Am thinking of doing a practical video, let me know if you guys would like this too. Thanks for stopping by 😘

Have a great week!


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  • Stephanie

    I have also been hearing about how great honey is, but I have really not been moved to try it out. With this testimony, I Thai should give it a try. My skin is not so bad after all, I don’t have pimples, but I have few scars on. Can I use the same mask as u do?

    • Yes hun, honey is great. Well if you are just looking to clear your scars, honey and lemon will do that. Mask your face with honey and lemon mixture everyday if you are light skinned and 3 times a week if you are dark skinned. Make sure to scrub your face at most once a week. U can add two drops of lemon oil if u can get it in your scrub. I hope this is ok for u Steph.

  • Kate

    Yes yes yes ! Pls do a video, its more practical and fun to view.

    • Yaaay! Ok Kate, thanks dear!

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