Issa Jumpsuit fever…


Issa Jumpsuit fever…

hey lovelies,

How’s your weekend going? I hope well? It’s another Saturday and I know we’ll have at least a few wedding guests. So I thought a bit of inspiration.


Cheers To those of us who can rock a jumpsuit as a wedding guest and to those who can’t, maybe you should try it today or your next wedding invitation. Wearing jumpsuit to a wedding is great, u tend to stand out and look unique, chic and stylish. In this post am wearing a peach jumpsuit from Geraldino Affrik. Wearing this piece to my friend’s traditional marriage was amazing. I paired it with a peach sandals and silver clutch. Monochromatic look you might say, but I didn’t want another Colour to the outfit.

IMG_7435 IMG_7442 IMG_7446

I had a very heavy makeup on. Well smoked Green eyes and red lips. Big hair as almost everytime and that attitude I’ve got. 😉

IMG_7436 IMG_7447



Jumpsuit- Geraldino Affrik (08037120105)

sandals – camuto (random boutique)

clutch – balogun market

makeup – @swittamara_


Thanks guys for stopping by 😘



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  • Cindy

    I loveee this jumpsuit…. am a sucker for jumpsuits tho! Keep it up hun!

  • Hi hi I came from your IG page to your blog, and I can opely say I’M IN LOVE.
    You’ve done more than okay with your blog, it’s superbulous😂
    Thank you for inspiring me.
    Keep blogging!
    I hope I get here someday…

    • Oh this means a lot to me, thanks so much! You will hun!

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