23 NEVER LOOKED SO GOOD! … #latepost


23 NEVER LOOKED SO GOOD! … #latepost

hey lovelies,

currently listening to 🎶 beneath your beautiful by labyrinth ft emili sande  🎧 

Before I trust you had a good weekend, let me apologize for this late post. It was my birthday weekend and I have never been so buzy in a while. I was done with my industrial training and I had to wrap things up. Now preparing to go back home and prepare for school since the strike is over. I also went to the orphanage to mark my birthday with the orphans and went to the movies with few the next day. Pretty chocked up weekend I must confess. But am home now, rested well yesterday, chilling today with Mumsie for the independence holiday (Happy independence Nigeria!) and planning my next move and school.


Apart from being happy on this yummy pizza and ice cream hang with mom, am also excited this is my last 6months in school 💃🏻 . Studying a 5 years course is not beans oh! And I can’t wait to leave mehn! Adding one more year to my life is the happiest of all. Am older, wiser, stronger and more beautiful 😜.


Your libra queen was 23 on the 28th of September (4 days ago) and it was amazing. I woke up that day with joy in my heart and thanksgiving 🙏 . Thanking God for my life, my family, my friend’s, for the grace to pursue my dreams and for his grace upon my life. I couldn’t be more grateful for where I am today and all he has done in my life. I love the woman am becoming and even though am not half of where I want to be, I thank Him for the journey. Am still a work In progress and I know that this my new year, all that he has mapped out for me will manifest. I learnt a whole lot of things this year and I will be sharing with you one by one, post by post. So don’t miss a post guys 😉


I got a magnitude of compliments  about my birthday pictures…Thanks guys. it was a lot of work I must say. Nuggy (as I fondly call Anugo my photographer) and I went through the trials and errors together. Putting my outfits and styling wasn’t a headache for me, fashion is part of me, I would say I breathe fashion. It was getting a perfect spot and props for the picture, even my pose guys, at some point I didn’t know how to pose again 😂 Even Stephanie that was there to assist me said “Ada postures has officially been exhausted 😩”  But God gat me and the pictures came out exceptionally beautiful.


Enough of my rant ooo, it feels so like so long since the last time you got a bit of my lifestyle. The gist come plenty.

So I kinda feel brand new, I don’t know if it’s because I have new plans to work  on or the new year from my birthday, does this happen to anyone after their birthday? Let me know where this feeling is coming from. But whatever it is, I like it because if gives me a positive vibes that good things are around the corner. Oluwa my hope is on you ooo 🙌



Vintage dress – @chezjumelle

shoes –  Zara (Zara’s website)

hair closure – @jposhbeauty

makeup – @sweettamara_

wristwatch –  Micheal kors

photography – @anugoosadebephotography


thanks for stopping by guys 😘

Your thoughts, contributions and questions are welcomed in the comment box down below 👇

Thanks for the birthday wishes and compliments lovelies, am super grateful.


Kisses 💋


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