Ankara Maxi-mum Goodness.


Ankara Maxi-mum Goodness.

Hello lovelies,

I hope you guys had an awesome weekend like I did… I did some shopping, sewed some outfits, braided my hair all in prep to go back to school. I had little time to achieve all these but I passed. How did your weekend go? What did you do?


today’s post Is more of a motivational one, I think I should  inspire you guys not to give up or cut down your goals… I know the year is almost over, we barely have 3 months till 2018 and some people like me who got distracted along the line in the middle of the year, have now realized the year is almost over and we think we can’t achieve those goals we set out for this year again. Well let me tell you that’s a big lie. You can achieve it/them or at least get close to achieving them…


“oh what is she talking about?” I know right am talking about not being hard on yourself, am talking about not being negative, am talking about not having a low self esteem, am talking about encouraging yourself, am talking about pushing yourself, am talking about focusing harder than normal, am talking about getting to that place you hungered and thirsted for not minding circumstances (time, past distractions, negative frontiers) .


So get up guys, go back to where you stopped in that plan, make that call, write that proposal, read that book, take that course, register That brand, do that research, and let’s finish what we started. Because I know we can do it and we are not meant for mediocrity.

IMG_8474 IMG_8476 IMG_8479


ankara maxi dress – @geraldino_affrik (08037120105)

sandals – @zara

makeup – @sweettamara_

photography – @osadebephotography



i hope this post motivates you,  thank for stopping by guys 😘 ,



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  • Beauty

    Thanks it did help…God bless you please am new year and I have a question how was starting the whole style thing was for you considering your age you so young and most of the stylists are way older

    • Awwwn Beauty am glad it helped.. 💃🏻Welcome dear!
      Well I’ll say my passion pulled me through this journey. I have a huge love for fashion and taking people through my style journey gives me joy. I started when I was 19 with only 11 readers and barely up to 50 likes on Instagram. But when you’re doing something you have passion for you’ll want to keep going. Here I am, with over 1500 readers, averagely 400 likes on ig and making small bucks of it. Not where I want this brand to be yet, but am glad of where it is now.
      I hope this answered you too? 😘

  • Beauty

    It did dear….God will certainly take you to where u want to be😘😘

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