Last month of the year + New Look


Last month of the year + New Look

hey guys,

Hey Guys!

welcome to December, the last month of the year, in few weeks we would lunch a new year, 2018 to be precise. i know we are all excited about the festive season and Some of you might be Christmas ready like I am. well I hope our wardrobes are ready to participate in our jolly season too?

over the weekend my holiday seemed to have started, I attended a friend’s wedding on Saturday, hanged out few friends on Friday and had sang away my soul at a karaoke on Sunday.

I Showed my Friday look  on Snapchat and after so much appraisal, it made its way to the blog. some detailing has to go down here, especially my hair.


I used a synthetic weave to achieve this look. Quite easy, but you need a good hair stylist to achieve this. Especially the front weaving. I washed my hair, dried it and conditioned it with natural coconut oil.  I went to a nearby saloon to weave my natural hair to the half of my scalp and matted the remaining left over into for to install my weave. Afterwards I installed my weave using a needle and thread till the level I wanted it on my head. Then I used my bonding glue to attach the last layer in strands to create a natural look.  A DIY video should illustrate this better yea? Maybe I should start doing DIY videos to show you guys how to be creative and do stuffs on your own. What do you guys think?


Meanwhile the way am adding weight recently is not getting funny. It’s not food, because I skip a lot of meals and end up eating once a day. What could it be? Anyone experienced or experiencing this? Do you know anything about it? Truth is that I like the curves am getting off it 😁, but it’s not in favor of my tummy 😩. Your ideas are welcome guys…



Foundation- Mary Kay in 607 and Inglot in amc 36

concealer – LA girl in toffee

setting powder – Ben nye in toffee

contour – classic contour pallet in Dark

Compact powder – Tara in 36

eye liner – random liquid liner

masscara – maybelline

lip pencil – zaron in bold

lipstick – classic in thunder

bronzer – classic face definer pallet.


HAIR DETAILS (you’ll be needing…

Any curly weave of your choice (I used noble gift)


coconut oil

cantu hair super hold

bonding glue


thanks for stopping by,



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  • Beauty

    What synthetic weavon did u use cus am definitely trying it

    • Hello beauty, it’s noble gift, thanks dear.

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