Affordable Christmas gift ideas…


Affordable Christmas gift ideas…

Hey guys.

christmas is just a week away, and weather you’re looking to gift family and friends, I’ve got budget friendly  gift ideas to fits anyone on your list. Be is mom, dad, siblings, business associate, bff, I got you.


Mom – Are you looking to gift your mom? Then that makes the two of us. The only difference is that I have already gotten mine. I got my mummy bear a cooking pot set and a mule.


Thinking of something else? Think a 2 set spinning lauggage


you can also get her a personalized/customized mug with a picture of you both 😁 So emotional I know…


another one is a juicer… if she is ageing already, she’ll need a lot of natural drinks.


Sibblings – weather younger or older is quite easy to get gifts for your siblings. Gift them with somthing related to what they love. For example if your brother loves music, gift him with an ITunes gift card to purchase is best albums and singles for a month.


You can gift your sister with a beautiful piece of earrings or that her favorite lipstick .


getting your brother a pair of neck scarf isn’t bad after all.


Headset, backpack, wallet all makeup the list of ideas.


For Him – I would like to think that a bathrobe is perfect for a Christmas gift for your special someone.


A lounge wear is great for the season too, considering the cold and the fact that the holidays would be about lounging home with family or partying.

Get him a pair of warm feet socks and he will love it.

A cufflink is great for him too.


Bff – Am super guilty of not getting my bff a Christmas gift this year, that’s because her birthday is next month and we are saving the money to make it a birthday gift 😂 Life of a young girl living on a budget.

So if your bff birthday isn’t close like mine, you can get her a set of haircare unit.


Get her a pretty bag and she’ll tell everyone who compliments it that you got it for her.

If she is a makeup lover, an eye shadow palette would be great for her.


Think of a To-do-list booklet if it’s  is a buzy person and she/he would appreciate it.

Get that your best guy a wristwatch he’ll be glad.

I hope these few ideas of mine would  make you a santa this weekend by putting smiles on the faces of your loved ones. 😁


Thanks for stopping by guys 😘

Season greetings!❤️


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