Somthing Light Pink


Somthing Light Pink

Hey guys!

merry Christmas to you and yours! How did your Christmas day go?

My family made it down to the east In one piece thanks to God for the season and we are currently in the village. For those of you who don’t already know, am from enugu. We started our day with cooking and you can tell that we just eat and lounged at home all day. That’s how my Christmas went.


The rest of the week would probably be a lot of Parties and events. Well am here for the jolly, I don’t know about you. So how’s your holiday style coming through?


A little inspiration with somthing light pink… a blush pink coordinate set if that’s what they call it or it’s safe to say a two piece is one of my holiday style inspiration. I paired this Set with a print scarf turned top and a when it got to my shoes I became completely confused. I wanted a sneaker for comfort and some edge and I wanted a heels for some chic vibes. Trust me na I took pictures of both shoes 😂 .


In as much as I’d like to know your opinion let me just tell you that I finally settled for the sneakers 😂 The comfort was priceless. You could see it in all the pictures that came in the sneakers. But guys I’d really like to know your thoughts on the next post when you see the heels…


I wanted more from the two-piece tho. I felt the cut of the jacket was barely there, I wanted more fit on the sleeves. But I loved the structure and fit of the shorts it flattered my curves 😁. This is My honest review on this set.


Two piece set –   Jennie couture

print scarf – thrifted

Sneakers –   Jennyfer


Thanks for stopping by guys 😘

Compliments of the season ❤️


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