Somthing Light Pink …Part 2


Somthing Light Pink …Part 2

Hello guys!

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Am in one of my best moods right now, am so happy guys, because I made it to the top 30 inspiring bloggers in Nigeria and am nō 5 on the list. Like how did that happen? Me that am not even consistent, me that is struggling to juggle school and business and blogging. Me that has little resources. Me that is just a small girl on the block that thinks no one is noticing me. I don’t know how God did it, but it’s amazing and am grateful. I think this is an opportunity for me to do better know that with great consistency I will do great.


On part 2 on something light pink, I am showing you another look of the light pink set via a different shoe. I rocked it with a pink pumps this time. Shey I told you guys that I’d like your opinion on the both looks and which is your best, well guys your answers are welcomed in the comment box.


I used a scarf to achieve the inner top, how you may ask, let me try to illustrate it. I hung the scarf over my neck and let it drop down my chest then I tuck in the first drop in my shorts spreading it over my breast to cover it, afterwards I tuck in the second part placing it on the top of the first one half way to form a v-neckline. This style is great when you know you won’t take off your jacket, except you know you’re comfortable pulling off a completely bare back because It will be bare.


Let me go back to my jolly mood. Thanks for stopping by guys 😘

IMG_1570 IMG_1572

Pink pumps – Jimmy choo

compliments of the season!

Ada ❤️

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