Sequins and snatched waist + New year blogging goals


Sequins and snatched waist + New year blogging goals

Hey guys!

This is my first post of the year, so let me officially wish you guys a very happy new year here… I wish you new opportunities, new motivation, new standards, new ideas and new testimony this year and beyond. I seem to have a very good feeling about 2018, is it only me? Who else is positive about this year? What are those goals you set that you see yourself achieving them already? Do share it here with us, you never know who you are motivating.


talking about goals, I have set some blogging goals for 2018 and I thought to share it with you guys. 2017 wasn’t the so good year for me, did more of learning, don’t even know how I made it to top 30 bloggers, it can only be God. But in all am grateful, I have learnt a few things and am willing to apply them this year for more growth. So here’s to my 2018 blogging goal…

(1) Consistency 

Been bad since day 1, I want to give myself an excuse for not being consistent because of school and business but seriously who send me? Lol! So no excuse, I can do better than giving myself excuses. I will be more consistent this year. At least once a week blog post. So help me God!

(2) New Camera or lens

I want a new camera or lens! Av been using the canon 650D with the accompanied lens since I started blogging. I see great pictures everywhere and it just seems my camera is not doing so much kus I end up using 3 to 4 apps to edit after photoshop ooo. It’s time to upgrade. I think I want a mirrorless camera this time, so I will go with the canon M100. Or go for a 50mm lens and maintain my canon 650D. Please your suggestions and advice are highly needed and welcomed.

(3) collaborations 

just because I choose collaboration over competition, I will be collaborating more with other bloggers and brands this year. At least one every quarter. Am open to great concept and ideas, let’s collaborate and get higher results.

(4) DIY and Style Videos

I get questions on how I do stuffs or achieve this and that. From hairstyles  to makeup to lifestyle hacks, it’s not just well illustrated in writing so I thought videos will be great who knows I might even make it to YouTube. So help me God!

By the grace of God I hope to achieve these blogging goals alongside my personal life goals before the year comes to an end. I hope you guys support me too. Would you also like me to share my personal goals for this year? Let me know…

so back to the main event of the post, sequins and snatched waist.

IMG_2081 IMG_2082 IMG_2085

What am I wearing?

SEQUIN TOP – Thrifted from  Vintage 101 shop

BELT – got it from a random boutique in enugu

PANTS – it’s a Nigerian brand @victoriacharlsng

DENIM JACKET – @vintage101shop

SHOES – Zara

PURSE – my mum’s

IMG_2086 IMG_2087

Thanks for stopping by guys 😘

Have a great year ahead!



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  • Dami

    Waist so honestly snatched 😍 #stolenwords I love your style Ada

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