COLLABO #1 – Take me back to the 70’s


COLLABO #1 – Take me back to the 70’s

Hey guys !

currently listening to “How to love” by lil Wayne…

I trust your week went well and your ready for the weekend… no one loves a weekend like I do! No school, less work and a lot a lazing about 💃🏻. One random fact about me is that I love to and can lazy around the house for a whole day 🙈 Just give me junks, full battery/ constant light and free wifi and you’ve made my weekend 😁


Remember my last post on my 2018 blogging goals? Well it all seems like it’s going to work out, because this post is my first collaboration of the year and obviously for the month of January. I collaborated with Lucas Photography on this one. Lulu as I fondly call him is one of the best photography brand in enugu, he has been shooting his shots since 1900 and be killing it… lulu wanted a fashion editorial with Vintage props and I wanted same with Vintage outfits what more could we ask of to achieve this if not a collaboration? I called him up, he asked me to pick a date and viola we set a shoot date.

Currently listening to “Jolene” by Dolly Parton… 


My best part of this shoot is the fact we are using his friend’s jaguar as props 😁 Vintage never felt so real. Coincidentally I wore matching beret and lip color with the jaguar and it all made sense.


What am I wearing?

Beret – this burgundy beret seems to be the highlight of this look, when @vintage101shop sent it to me for a collaboration I just kept it for a future post but when this collaboration came up, i knew it was time to join all the collabo 😂 Together. Their beret sells for #1500 but they are currently running a clearance sale.


Shirt – this shirt is too pretty for a vintage shirt, so I thought as I saw it laying on a mat in karimo market during my IT in abuja. I bought it anyways and see how am rocking it. My #700 floral print shirt of life.

Mom jean – I purchased this Gap denim mom jean from @vintage101shop for 4k last year, I have worn it a couple of times in my post if you remember, I just love the fit of this jean.

Sneakers – ASOS has a lot of affordable goodies we seem to be missing thinking it’s expensive but it’s actually affordable. I got this grey Darey sneakers on asos for 20$ , I told you it’s really affordable.

Bag – My friend comes back from Canada and I see her with a beautiful and unique vintage bag, I ask her to dash me and she says ok babe lemme finish rocking it today, just give me a nylon to take out my stuffs in the bag  😩 I wasn’t really expecting it tbh but then Amaka Kaka is just an amazing and adorable being. Kaka come and see how am rocking our Canada bag oo 😁.

img_2892 img_2904img_2930 img_2935

Ok guys! I guess am done here, thanks for stopping by 😘



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  • Karen

    This is super dope 🔥🔥

  • Hi Ada! Can I ask what theme you use? It’s sooo pretty

    • It’s a vintage theme, but the photographer worked it all! Thanks darling 😘

  • You haven’t updated your blog in a while… Or is it 9ja network not letting me see a recent post?

    • Oh yea, I have been away because of my exams, thanks for check up on me.

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