Story Time – Brunching Date


Story Time – Brunching Date

if there’s no word like brunching, then we should probably add it to the dictionary. I mean you will agree with me that the word is sweet to pronounce…

story! Story!!


once upon a time?

time! Time!!

so I woke up today feeling different, and I couldn’t  tell if it’s different-good or different-bad, I just couldn’t place it. If you’re on my snap, you can relate to my post earlier today. If your not I just need one reason why adding ‘ada_styletitude’ is a big deal? 🤠  Well I prepped for school and was just thinking of my life and this new typa feeling that am not understanding in school since nothing was really happening there.

At about 12 noon my friend called me up and proposed brunch, I obviously hadn’t eaten since the day when am still trying to listen to my body and spirit, so it was a great idea plus I needed to talk to someone too. Sharp sharp I drove to meet up ooo, and we made our order, indecisive me was just there, so I told my friend to pick something for me.


We had ‘English brunch’ according to the cafeteria, eggs, mushrooms, baked beans, sausages, bacon and bread with fresh juice. Not bad I thought, it looked great and finally tasted good. The juice was well cold pressed too.


after eating and having a little talk with my friend, I felt better, I thought to myself could it be food? Or the company? Biko what do you guys think? Well whatever it maybe, I urge you guys to have fun few times a while and give yourself a little treat because this our body no be firewood ooo, like the lagosians would say, we need to be in control on your physical and emotional wellbeing.

Just thought to share this story and little wellbeing inspiration with you guys! You know I care 😁😘

thanks for stopping ❤️

Kisses 💋


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