Power Puff Girl…


Power Puff Girl…

Hey guys!

its been like a minute we all engaged, been writing exams and am kinda finally done with the semester. One more semester to go πŸ’ƒπŸ» Damn I can’t wait. I trust you guys been good.


This week is starting off with me as a power puff girl, bubble to be precise in this power puff sleeved top fromΒ SGTC clothing.Β When I received some piece from them for a collaboration I fell in love with all their tops. Am talking exaggerated sleeves and you know that’s my style.


Styling myself in this top was easy, as the name of the top goes, I found inspiration in the cartoon that shares the same name. Am talking of no other cartoon than the famous girl heroes “power puff girls”.Β My top came in blue ankara print so am definitely bubble πŸ˜‚ And Guess what, she was my favorite. So I went blue and black with a splash of color red.

IMG_3692 IMG_3819

Everyone is loving my Afro and I feel great about it 😁. Do you guys want a post about it? Or nah? My holidays is about to begin and I don’t have plans for it yet, please your suggestions are welcome. Thanks!



ankara sleeve top – @sgtcclothing

pants – @victoriacharles_ng

shoes – Asos (asos.com)

bag – my friend that stocks bags from aba.

Photography by the bad ass Riya of @riyalityphotography…


Style is an attitude,

kisses πŸ’‹


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  • Ohkay musta been my network. Just seeing this.
    I wish inline comments was a thing.
    First off, your hair is GOALSSS. If it’s real, am gonna kill mesef (not literally ofc)
    Black black with just the right amount of hot sauce power puff girl ankara. Me lovesssssss
    Oh and i didn’t miss your lipstick colour shoe peeking out underneath.
    Have a lollipop 🍭 your outfit is amazeballs

    • Oh thanks dear, no it’s not my real hair lol. I have been writing exams hence my absence for a while. Thanks for check up on me 😘

  • Also, There are a lot of style blogger out there but I just feel like I can connect with you better. I am launching my website as a style blogger in April (yes, ik it’s only a few daysss) and I’m terrified pettrified batshit and I need like a role model in d game already and I want to ask you to be my icon and help me out. Pretty pwease, like i don’t even knw what to do next. XD

    • Awwwwn! That so great. The blogosphere is big enough for everyone, and you are welcome to join us.
      It’s an honour to be your role model, and I’d be glad to help you out in any way I can. Thank you ❀️

  • Alfiez fashion

    Lovely style.

  • Alfiez fashion

    We would love to collaborate with you on our new collection.

    • Oh that would be great, send me an email with your proposal.

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