Sequins and Pinstripes


Sequins and Pinstripes

Hello lovlies, Happy new week!

If I tell you the story behind this culottes am wearing, you might not believe what it has been through.


So it used to be my moms wide legged pant, she added weight and she couldn’t wear it again. I loved the color and pinstripes so I took it and adjusted the waist band to my size and started wearing it as a palazzo. Poor trouser couldn’t be worn with heels because it wasn’t so long for me, so I was restricted to wearing it with flats. Culottes became a trend, I thought to cut some length off the trouser and turn it to one. Viola I have a new grey pinstriped culottes 😁


For this post, I paired it with a sequin top and this h&m  sleeveless jacket I got from a random boutique. I didn’t want any pop of color so I kept every color neutral. When my mom saw what I did with her trouser she couldn’t believe it 😂.

62994E9F-8A1D-4D02-BCF5-DCAA105AE54F DFEEE291-912E-4FEF-8148-ECA55759C38B 190E7D23-F4B1-4998-AD7B-8A787CAB5FDB 503B4910-329D-4D0D-B4E5-B53419B419A9 45B47E60-AFB3-4621-AF4D-35F9F52C7636 C885CF07-09AA-40E6-8AA4-1BC21C6874A1


Culottes – DIY from mom’s trouser

jacket – h&m (Random boutique)

shoes – Vince camuto

Shades – @lolasnest



Thanks for stopping by 😘

enjoy the rest of your week ❤️


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