Accessories for Him.

Accessories for Him.

Hello guys! This is specially for you. Those moments when you are dressed up and you just feel “oh this outfit is just plain” or “this is just the regular guy outfit” and you  are just thinking, “How can i give this look a touch of luxury?” or “How can i pop this look up?” …….   Well those moments are about to be eliminated. I’ll help you down the accessory lane.

Bow ties, collar chain, belts, watches, braclets, blazer brooches, cufflinks, bags, socks, hats, rings and so on all make the list of the men’s accessories. They spice up your outfit, leaving behind a clean and dapper gentleman. That touch of style, class and luxury you desire, you’ll get it with either one or more of these accessories.

Already thinking how to couple them up? Reserve a seat for tomorrow, where i’ll be taking you guys on a trip on how to work them well. But in the main time, get to see these accessories in pictures.


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  • Anonymous

    Its realy a must have for today’s gentlemen,something that makes you standout and give you that look the likes of Denola rock everyday

    • Oh! Yes! You are correct, it’s a must have…

  • `mr cruz

    cool.. I like the post. reserved my seat already…..

  • Igwe

    I guess Ada has seat for everyond

  • Anonymous

    Nice colours nd totally unique

  • Ude Anna oluchi

    Nice colours nd totally unique

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