Self Love – A date with myself


Self Love – A date with myself

Hey guys!

If you had asked me before if I loved myself, I’d say yes. I liked myself, I though I’m quite pretty, smart and interesting. But when I lied in my bed in a severe depression continuously tormenting myself with thoughts like “I’m not good enough”, “I don’t deserve it” or “I don’t have what it takes” – I realised that I was far from truly loving myself.

It took me a few months to fully understand what self love meant, and I thank God I did because it made me find myself and be in control on my inner being.


Self-love is not one of these concepts that you just get. You don’t logically understand it. You feel it. In my own case I read about it, in books and online articles I practiced what was suggested in them and then one day It just happened . My mindset shifted. And I started loving myself. Just like that .

True self love in an unconditional feeling of love, appreciation and acceptance for yourself.  That no matter what you do, you always love yourself with the same strength.


How to get to that point? I think it will be a post for another day. If you would like me to make a post of how to get to love yourself and also share my journey too, let me know in the comments 😉


i had an appointment with someone this day and after I was done dressing up like 30mins to the time, I called to know if she was ready so we can both leave our houses at the same time to the venue.  Only for her to tell me it wouldn’t hold again. 😳what?????  So if I didn’t call you won’t call to say? You just allowed me to dress up? 😡 In this economy that we don’t waste foundation anyhow?


No am allowed to be angry naw! but self love 😂 I took my self out ooo. My outfit and makeup will not waste. Maybe am abusing the self love eish and spoiling myself too much, but well we(you) only live once! YOLO! I thought, I looked too nice and the look should probably make it to the blog. So I called my new friend in Abuja ( he is an amazing lifestyle photographer, and we already planned a collaboration) and he suggested santi food & co.


Why santi? He knew I wanted a blog worthy space, I wanted to eat something amazingly sumptuous yet healthy with low fat because my belly fat 😩.


Upon arrival I loved the place at first sight, the graphic wall, the white furnitures, their reception towards me 💯 I ordered for their chicken wraps and parfait with fruit and nut filled toppings 🤤 beautiful looking meal, tastes as good as it looks. Santi has the best chicken wrap I have eaten so far in naija, you can argue with your keyboard.

Selfie time! Who sees a good backdrop and not take a picture 🤷‍♀️

Selfie time! Who sees a good backdrop and not take a picture 🤷‍♀️

Dkinboss as we fondly call him is such a great person, he made sure this went well for me. After having my solo date we talked and laughed at his jokes, I learnt some stuffs from him and he knows so many places in Abuja that I advised him to monetize it and open a in-town tour guide.

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Imagine I went back home upset, I probably would have ruined my day…

Thank you Emeka aka Dkinboss @dkinboss_inc for making it happen and giving me these beautiful pictures , your the real MVP 😘

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two piece – @stylez_officials

shoe – Zara

bag – @redcloset35

neckpiece – @householdofjewellry1


Thanks for stopping by 😘

kisses 💋

Ada 💕

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