collab #7 – New found spot with Blogger friend; Sarah


collab #7 – New found spot with Blogger friend; Sarah

Hey guys!

You know Nigeria ain’t that bad at all when it comes to finding cool spaces to unwind… most people think if you don’t have the money to go on vacations outside the country you won’t find great places let alone have fun. Well that’s not true… Contrary to popular beliefs, there are a lot of amazing places in Nigeria (Lagos, Abuja, Enugu, calabar, ) with good food, drinks, ambience, serenity  and great activities. Blogging has exposed me to some great places and I know there are more places I haven’t seen yet.


The juice…

so a few weeks ago, I was in Abuja and Sarah of decided we hook up. She found this amazing spot in wuse 2 Cake Hut and while she was telling me about it, I couldn’t wait for that Sunday to meet up with her. When I got there it was more than her description and my expectation. Beautiful space with Afrocentric vibes, well curated furnitures, Colourful aesthetics well decorated out of the norm and most importantly good eats. mmm I don’t think this does justice to how amazing cake hut Abuja is.

It was funny how our outfits had a lot in common, we rocked made in Nigeria brands and bold colors together. Believe me it was totally unplanned.

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We meet again…

Meeting Sarah again after a long time was great, I mean we had a lot to talk about from blogging to life challenging and just generally keeping up with each other. There was no better way to enjoy the gist than over a well baked brownie and finger licking ice creams  and cake hut delivered. Am really happy and proud of how good She is doing.


Good place, Good eats…

cake hut is not the normal hangout space you see, it’s out of the ordinary. Their reception? great, very accommodating. we took pictures in every corner we wanted to, no limits like most of your favorite places who do not allow pictures with cam. Their eats are good and affordable too. We had brownies and ice creams and later fresh juice which was a mix of orange, pineapple and ginger before we left. I love how their Afrocentric concept went down to every detail. Bad luck to us their brownies were a bit hard, but I guess it’s a minor mistake because making brownies need full attention. The ice cream was great, it made a great combo with the brownies. My best was their fresh juice, smooth and not too concentrated, I enjoyed it like I haven’t had one like that.

Would I visit there again? I definitely would when next am in FCT. You should visit there too. Its located in wuse 2, river plate garden (behind secret garden.)

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Her style…

if there is one thing I love about Sarah’s style, it’s her way of getting away with bold colors. I love how she styles bold and contrasting colors. Her style is versatile too.  I love that she is true to herself and her  faith in God, it’s on another level.

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My style…

like I knew Sarah would show up in bold colors, I decided to go bold too but a bit safer. I had limited clothes as a traveler so this black Versace tee from his closet and my purple wide legged pants from @stylez_officials was my best bet. I pimped it up with my yellow Zara pumps for a color splash and I was good to go have fun with my girl. 😁

8608A41A-D4E7-4136-B505-A068E54CC3CB FFA1ACB9-5B70-4421-844D-DCE99152C17AACBF8C4E-8A3E-473A-9D5F-9A2D20EE95C08F0529A7-6D2E-47D2-8F1C-5F59DCE96579D2D48F95-B596-4FEB-8518-261A5F892D1E

What Am I Wearing?

Tee shirt – Versace (His closet 😉)

Pants – @stylez_officials

shoes – Zara




What cool and unique places have you found in Nigeria? Please don’t leave without sharing  with us

Thanks for stopping by 💕

Till next time 😁

kisses 💋


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  • Sarah

    Aww Ada, thanks so much for the hype girl, it was nice doing this with you girl, cake hut is a place that I’ll be visiting again in the future. Loved your outfit especially your trousers.

    • You welcome dear! I enjoyed every bit of this collaboration

  • These pictures are a vibe #love

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