Astrology – Is It Real?


Astrology – Is It Real?

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Hope your week went well? Mine was fabulous, I was in Lagos from last weekend for my mum’s 50th. If you watched my IG story it’s no news… am Grateful to God for keeping my mum till she clocked 50 in good health and strength 🙏.


Currently back  in Enugu for my project defense, before I left Lagos I met an astrologer or astrologist which ever is correct. He was Italian and elderly, he was a friend of my friend and we sat out to have dinner. When we started gisting, I found out he was an astrologer. I was amazed and I asked him to tell me more. Trust your girl now , I was just bombarding him with questions.

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I told him to tell me about me, and he said some things that were actually true and others am not sure of. He knew I was ambitious, that I trust people  too much, that I don’t joke with family, that I want to fly before I walk 😂 lol, that I love money 🤣.  He said I had fake friends, I wasn’t sure, but I know my closest friends are the best support system anyone could ask of. I was amazed because we didn’t discuss anything so he didn’t have the slightest hint. But well! He told me he could read my palm and tell my future, but it was night so it won’t happen because he needed light. In my mind am like Thank God ooo, because I was tempted to ask him to tell me about my future I won’t lie…


Before this day I had heard about astrology and stars and fortune telling and all sorts, but I never believed them, I sounded like voodoo to me. But as time went on I began to hear more deeper explanations and it bagan making sense. Still I don’t know if it’s real or not. What are your thoughts on astrology? Do you believe in reading your stars or not? Any personal experience or factual information. I’d like to hear your thoughts guys

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Pinafore – I got this grey striped pinafore dress from a thrift store, it’s been a while tho, and I styled it before > Here

Top –  Maju… I got it from @shopmaju last year and it’s a great top to spice up outfits.

Mule – Zara…. I love Zara and most of my looks always has a Zara piece. I shop directly from their US website (

Bag – Heremes I guess… Thrifted too, from a store close by.

Shades – Lola’s Nest.. an ig store @lolasnest

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