Eat Your Greens, I’ll Wear Mine (Wedding Guest inspiration)


Eat Your Greens, I’ll Wear Mine (Wedding Guest inspiration)

Hey bellas ❤️

One cannot overemphasize how impossible it is not to ever attend weddings in a year. I mean welcome to Africa where our culture demands marriage and our hearts demands love. We like to party and  our feets are always ready to dance away too.


Recently I was a wedding guest and about to share my look and some tips with you about how to slay and come out unique at your next event.


You can stick to one color if you have  accessories to match in that color. Sticking to one color just screams sophisticated! You’ll stand out because most guests  match with metallics in a typical Nigerian wedding. Yes I mean burgundy dress, burgundy shoe and purse and burgundy accessories. Green seems to be the trending color I guess because I have 3 green asoebi till the end of the year…. i’ll Rather just wear my greens 😁



self explanatory! Have a piece on that will make a statement and have you getting all the compliments. If you are extra then let’s make it dramatic 😂 we talking facinators, dramatic sleeves, statement shoes or bag…

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I definitely cannot finish this topic in this post so I’ll have another opportunity to make it in another post. Pairing your outfit with the right accessories is as important as the outfit. It’s better to go for only earrings if you cannot accessorize right! And yes i’ll Repeat; it’s better to go for only earrings if you cannot accessorize right! Your accessories can make or break your outfit. Minimal accessories is key if you are not good with styling jewelries. Don’t go looking like a jewelry mannequin.


As we get closer to festivity season, it’s safe to say these tips will come in handy. I hope you find these tips helpful. If you have more tips, feel free to share it with us in the comment box below 😘

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Outfit details

dress – @geraldino_affrik

facinator – @Headwear

purse – fusion trend

shoes – Vince camuto

makeup – Topal touch


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  • Nancy iwulu

    I love this look woooooow! Perfectly matched 😍 your style is so much inspo Ada!

    • Awwwwn thank you Nancy ❤️ Am glad my style inspires you 🙈💃🏻

  • Dez

    You look fabulously fabulous❤️😍😍

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