How To Wear A Non-conventional Shirt


How To Wear A Non-conventional Shirt

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Guess who got her mojo back? Your girrrrrrlll 😁 Happy new month lovers, been a while before my previous post and I missed writing here…. Real life always has a way of Taking over.


How do you style your non-conventional shirts? For those who do not already know, A non-conventional shirt is well designed shirt that is out of the ordinary  and regular shirt. It could have frills details, exaggerated sleeves, cut outs or asymmetrical button lines.

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I have had this non-conventional white shirt from Nalé Girl for a while, about a year and I styled it only once Here I was forming Parisienne Chic vibes there 😂 lol! This time I wanted something more chic and contemporary. Hence my opting for this short skirt and pumps.

Plain & Prints.

if you have a non-conventional shirt, your first and best bet is to pair with a print buttom or plain buttom if the shirt is printed. It enhances your look and gives it a more edge. I chose to go for a print skirt from H&M. 

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Go Edgy! Go Denim!

pairing exaggerated sleeved shirts or asymmetrical button lined shirt with denim issa killa. You get that edgy and street style vibe we get to see at fashion week.


you can opt for a brooch or under collar neck piece to accentuate the shirt and make it pop more.

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love Drama, More Drama!

if you’re extra like I am on some days, you could add more drama not minding the already existing drama on the shirt. I brought the drama to GTB fashion weekend in a polka dot non-conventional shirt And a dramatic wide legged pants Here A little extra drama never hurt nobody.

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What Am I Wearing? 

Shirt – @thenalegirl

skirt – @hm

pumps – @Zara

Bag – @redcloset

hair – Afro wig by me

Earrings – thrifted

knuckle ring @hm

photography – @zimmani zim zim as I fondly call him…


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Compliments of the season!

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