The Art of Layering with blogger babe, Ada…


The Art of Layering with blogger babe, Ada…

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Hey guys!

welcome to the official first blog post of the year 😁 and it’s amazing how it’s a collaboration with a blogger babe who is my namesake… awesome right? I know!

We have been wanting this collaboration for quite some time but you know wanting to do something is a thing and opportunity to do it is another. when she came to Lagos for a mini holiday, it was a great opportunity for us to do it… so guys meet my beautiful and creative namesake and fellow blogger babe Adaeze Ume of and @ada_ume



Isn’t she a vibe?

Isn’t she a vibe?

We all know everyone can wear a skirt over pants or double up on tops, but Ada and I discovered how to completely  transform classic layering to not so classic. It’s complex, interesting and ideal for all those in-between-days when it’s difficult to predict the temperature. Layering is one not so trendy trend that I’ll be rocking more this year, maybe just because I love street style and I love how stylish and sophisticated you can look in a well layered ensemble.

Layering is not as easy as it looks, it’s takes more that what you think to achieve a well put layered outfit. But not too worry we have a few tips to help you out 😉 and if you follow them rightfully it will be as easy as ABC.



I layered a dress over a shirt and jeans trousers, as Ada Ume would say, not everyone can wear a dress over a trouser and still look good. Am flattered girl 😁!  when I created this look I loved it. I love how it can transform through any temperature and from day to night look effortlessly by just simply taking out the shirt.  I cinched one side of the flay on the dress forming an asymmetric hem to add a bit of statement to the dress.



layering with different textures is a very Important tip especially if you’re going monochrome. Different fabrics and textures add depth and dimension to the clothes otherwise  they would look too flat or overwhelming. Try mixing heavier and softer textures like wool , silk, cotton, lace, leather or insert a different texture as the middle layer.



Who says outerwears should always be the last layer? Jackets, blazers, coats can function well as middle layers. Just be sure to use tip 1 or an oversized piece while choosing the last layer.

Ada Ume definitely took this tip masterfully and didn’t let it stop with the red jacket....

Ada Ume definitely took this tip masterfully and didn’t let it stop with the red jacket….

TIP 3 – WHEN IN DOUBT GO FOR A WHITE SHIRT (or black but white works better)

The white shirt has to be the ultimate layering essential. It’s neutral goes with virtually everything. Black works too but white is probably the ultimate. Hanging loose, tucked in, under a dress, coat or jacket, slim fit or oversized the possibilities are endless.


Other tips we didn’t make use of here are;

TIP 4 – patterned items can be incorporated into minimal style

TIP 5 – Don’t forget about the sleeves ( play with different sleeve lengths in colors and textures) 




if there’s one thing I love about Ada’s look it’s how sophisticated and versatile her outfit was. She took my 2nd tip like it was hers and threw on a white blazer on the red jacket, how stylish. Ada is so pretty I couldn’t stop staring at her while we where shooting 😂 such an amazing babe. I see us doing more of this.


Here’s what Ada has to say;

“When Ada suggested we do a “Layered” theme! I loved it because If you Layer up the right way, you instantly look 100 times more stylish!
I decided to go with something inspired by men’s wear and I love that Ada went the opposite route! Variety is the spice of life, right?
Any of these looks could easily work for a work meeting, a dress-up event, or stylish work day, etc! Ada, tell them more ideas please?
Feel free to loose the white jacket if you want to adjust to the Nigerian weather! Me I’m extra and I’m very thankful that A.C was invented to cure Nigerian weather.
I loved collaborating with Ada! You guys should cherish this one, she’s awesome! Until the next collaboration, Love & Light!✨✨💕💕”

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shirt – Zara

dress – @fashionjunkie9jacollection

denim – Random boutique

shoes – Zara

purse – D&G (my perfume bag)

Rings – H&M and mum’s closet

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Thanks for stopping by 😘

Kisses 💋

Ada x Ada…

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