25 and Loving it…


25 and Loving it…

Silver Celebration already! Isn’t God good!

mood – Grateful, excited, at peace…

i can’t even express myself to the fullest but you can tell I am happy. Yassss! Your girl is 25.

At the beginning of the year, i wasn’t ready to be 25 but now I can’t wait to run the year like never before. Am I loving it? Hell yes! I’m grown, I am  obviously not in the same mental and physical space that I was last year and that for me is growth.


I know it’s been what? Ages I haven’t published here, that’s a story for another day.



ON CAREER – Started my NYSC service earlier in the year and got a good job to practice my engineering career. Am kinda like in a discovery stage right now, trying to connect with myself and be sure I still want to do something in the engineering sector.

ON THIS THING CALLED LIFE – Still adjusting to this scam they call adulting, I know I had been gradually getting a sip of it few years back but mehn this one after school is the real deal. Am also learning more about myself which helps me take care of me better. Sometimes I cry that I haven’t done the thing I mapped out to do at this point in my life but then I snap back and look at how far I’ve  Come and am grateful and happy again.

Gradually getting a hang of it.

ON STYLE – My style has evolved. I mean I still love my denims, sneakers and the cute dresses but the woman in me now wants more luxe. High street style and sophisticated fits with the right amount of sassy.

ON LIFESTYLE – I want to do things right now, it’s not easy but am trying.  Am eating  healthy. I dress appropriately and kill it sometimes because blogger babe no be for mouth. exercising only after having a bad meal week  😩. travel at least once a year even though na money kill am las las we go on someone’s pocket 😂. trying to get a sugar daddy because I mean YOLO. getting a hang of the 9-5 life and I can say it’s definitely not for me, but we’ll see. I unwind once in a while after hard work by going to the movies or lounging. learning to get into the habit of reading. updated my playlist with some pop rock and Taylor Swift is becoming a fave. consistently investing in myself. am Avoiding  every unnecessary drama and working on building a stronger relationship with  God.


One big lesson I learnt on my 24 going on 25 journey is knowing who my real friends are. See ehn make sure you’re your friend’s friend ooo, if not you’ll just be friending yourself. I placed a lot of importance on people and didn’t get it back, and really it’s ok, maybe they didn’t want me as much as I did, but am not about to force any friendship.

While I prepare to turn up tonight, reflect on your friendships and know your situationship.

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am grateful you stopped by 🥰

xoxo ❤️



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