Beauty entrepreneur Ramaha Babaginda covers the third edition of BM|PRO beauty publication.


Beauty entrepreneur Ramaha Babaginda covers the third edition of BM|PRO beauty publication.

Rahama Babaginda the CEO of Deva Petals covers the april edition of the BM|PRO Beauty publication.  For the Front page cover, they opted for a bright pink lips that Showed off her beautiful smile, Perfect carved brows and long Lashes to Draw attention to her brilliant eyes. The detailed shots went for hued nude lips and soft smoked eyes for a natural effect look. BM-PRO-Covers-April-2015-RAHAMA-BABANGIDA-672x869

Rahama-Babangida-BMPro-Covers-April-2015-1-672x1007Rahama-Babangida-BMPro-Covers-April-2015-2-672x913Here is what CEO BM|PRO Banke Meshida says about the deva petals princess,

“When I met her over 10 years ago, I was strucked by her beauty. Loooong hair, the Smoothest skin I’d ever seen, Perfect nails and gentle personality all makes her the more beautiful. Fast forward to now, growth has come. The hair is tinged with red, grey and brown strands, skin still as smooth as always and she is the most hilarious person. There is a glint in her eyes as she talks. Her passion has made her the CEO of Deva petals. Hair growth serums, body oil and Turaren wuta.  She loves to create , blessed with a rich kanuri heritage, knowledge of portions that promote wellness and wellbeing is what made Deva petals the success it is today. Humble beginnings, she started by mixing pastes and portions for family and close friends who wanted her smooth skin and the secret of her long hair. She started bottling them up and today the rest is history.  Legendary and effective herbal suppliments has made Deva petals the number one oasis of wellness products in abuja.

Photography – BigH studios

Creative director – Yomi Black

Makeup- Banke Meshida Lawal

Model – Ramaha Babaginda


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