Weekend night-out style ideas…

Weekend night-out style ideas…

The weekend is here again! And for most of us, its a very exciting time because we are not working and its just that much needed little break before another work week. Weather its a girls night out, or a date or just an avenue for a dance marathon, am here to share in it because its important to look right and fabulous.

I scouted few looks and outfits to help give you ideas of how to look your very best, and when next the scary “what to wear” question pops into ure head again you’ll have the answer right away.

I thought crop tops, pants, skater skirts and shorts with no better way to spice them up than with strappy sandals or mules, bright or bold coloured lips, flattering extention lashes and glittery or popping manicure for the ladies and pants, body fitted tee and a thrown blazers for the gents spicing them with either sneakers or brogues. Dont forget to get a touch of fragrance. Have a great and stylish night!

2015-05-01-14-36-22-1IMG_20150218_164747IMG_20141213_093921IMG_20141111_131230nyt out3-1_1nyt out 2_0Images from: bgki, @skinnyhipster, @fashionbombdaily, @londontallgirl



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