wearing a dark lipstick can be fab or gloomy

wearing a dark lipstick can be fab or gloomy

Hello fashion lovers!

The dark lippy is a fast growing trend and everyone loves it and wants to rock it. Meanwhile Some of you feel you can’t pull it off well, and some others just look it as a thing for weird or wayward females, well its not so ladies.

Wearing a dark lipstick can either be fabulous or gloomy, but it all depends on you and how you apply it. Dark lips are sexy and fierce somtimes, they make a lot of statement too.
If you want to rock dark lips, This post will help you. Step by step guide, application methods and tips all in one tutorial.

First thing first moisturise your lips. It help the illumination if the dark lipstick. No dark lipstick looks good on a chapped or peeled lips.

choose a lip pencil colour close to your lipstick shade. The closer The pencil shade the more defined your lips look. Follow your natural lip line and line your lips with the chosen lip liner.

its time to choose the dark lipstick of your choice. For darker ladies opt for matte texture. Using a lip brush apply your dark lipstick starting from the outer frame. Continue application till u get desired pigmentation or thickness. If you don’t have a lip brush, its alright to rub directly then smudge with your fingertips.

STEP 4: OMBRE EFFECT (Optional step)
apply a nude, peach or red lipstick to the inner part of your lips (pout) to create an ombre effect. This gives a more sultry look.

You already have your cool lips but we need finishing touches to glam up your look. Using your concealing brush, apply concealer to the edges of your lips. Skin tone concealer shade is adviced. Afterwards you blend concealer into the skin and reach out for your bronzer. Apply bronzer only to the upper middle edge of your lips. For light effect.

Now you have your dark smashing lips ready to rock.


Product details:
Lip pencil- Elizabeth Arden 09
Lipstick- zaron , distinct


Product details:
Lip pencil- Elizabeth Arden 02
Lipstick- Mac brow brown pencil & LA high definition lip gloss.

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