Many of us are rather sinful when it comes to our beauty routines.
Those sinful habits are the things that deprives you from the clear and clean skin you’ve always wanted.
What and what are really these sins????
1)touching of acne/pimple : no matter how hard you find it to believe, there are bacteria deposits on our
hands even as little as 0.01% and touching your acne with them gives them a longer stay on your face.
Learn to stop touching your face.
2)popping of acne/pimple : the sin of popping acne is very common amongst many of us. Popping of
acne inflammes the acne and the skin surrounding it. It finally leaves a black head(spot).
Stop popping your acne and have a black head free face.
3) applying creams and serum with unclean hands: This sin is committed most times, unknowingly.
The creams and serum we apply on our face or body when its not after-shower are 99.002% sinful.
Wondering why? I’ll tell you; our hand begin to accumulate dirts and bacteria 12mins from after-show
and when you apply creams after this time without washing your hands, you practically deposit them
on your face. And you know where that leads your face to….
Lets always wash our hand before we do any application.
More sinful habits will coming up next Week on our weekly BEAUTY FILE….
Till then have a great week while abstaining from sins (1), (2) & (3)
                        Adaeze. …