Pink Wednesday – Denola Grey Spotted in stylish Pink suit

Pink Wednesday – Denola Grey Spotted in stylish Pink suit

Hello dearies,

This should be a happy new week from me because I have not posted this week. First time I ever saw a guy where pink was some years back in high school, it was a tee shirt which had these words written on em “Guys that wear pink are tough guy” mmmm I thought to myself this guy must be feeling himself now; but on the second thought, it was very nice. The idea that pink is a feminine colour made the colour look extremely awesome on him.

Now again our favourite men style enthusiast Denola Grey wears pink for his appearance on Ebony life TV. I couldn’t get enough of the ensemble since I saw it on Instagram. The amazing part of it was how he styled the fushia pink suit with baby pink shirt and print tie.2016-07-20-21-00-51This dapper suit by Tai Lore was a hit back to back according to Denola.


Thanks for this awesome look Denola, whos says pink is for females only? we love it and we hope you continue flooding us with your stylish looks…

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