Akin Faminu X Orange Culture X ColdStone Creamery

Akin Faminu X Orange Culture X ColdStone Creamery

Hello lovlies,

This is what you get when a slayer collaborates with two cool brands, popular men style blogger Akin Faminu collaborated with Orange culture and Cold stone creamery on this one…

Style transcends everything, and just as you can randomly have your morning coffee or ice cream later, why not choose to do it ‘in style’, especially when it’s so stylishly served to you like it’s done in our very own Coldstone creamery.

This editorial celebrates contemporary ethnic style and creamy goodness, in an Adire Tunic, by one of the biggest fashion brands in Nigeria today. By definition, Adire (tie and dye) textile is the indigo-dyed cloth made in southwestern Nigeria by the Yorubas, using a variety of resist-dyeing techniques to create beautiful patterns on their fabric.

As you would probably expect, like in everything that’s fashion, this technique has advanced over time, with new and better inventions, custom-made adire patterns, like the patterns on this Orange culture number.


“I styled the tunic in 2 different ways, for emphasis on it’s diversity, a well put together dapper look with a Navy blazer and Burgundy loafers, just incase you’re going for that classy look, and an athleisure look,inn this case afrocentric athleisure, with Adidas superstar kicks and a wide brimmed fedora, sports luxe?”


“So guys, no matter what your personal style is,there’s always a way to infuse some African in it, it’s a uniqueness second to none.”

“You know how we can’t buy happiness right? Guess what we can buy? An Adire tunic, good shoes, and a lot of cold stone ice cream !! Or cappuccino maybe? That’s kind of the same thing”

Thank you for reading guys, have a wonderful day!


Photography – Fifo Adebakin (@thefifographer)

Adire tunic – Orange Culture Nigeria

Location – Coldstone Creamery Outlet

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